Availability of Places

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Places available now:

Click here for more information on all the instruments listed below and here for info on minimum ages. 

Beginner Violin Class at 12:15


Baby Steps – places available in the 10:00 class available for pupils aged 18 months up accompaied by an enthusuastic adult.

First Steps – 2 places in this class at 9:30 available for pupils in their pre-Reception year.

Introduction to Music I – a couple of places in the 10:30 class available for pupils in Reception.  Looking to start another class at 9:00 soon – please get in touch!

Introduction to Music II – a couple of places in the 09:00 class available for pupils in Year 1. After that we’ll start another class at 11:15

Beginner Recorder Classes – new beginner class at 11:15 possible

Beginner Guitar Classes – 1 place in the beginner class at 9:30

Oboe and Bassoon – we have space to start both oboe and bassoon and have one of each available to hire.  These instruments only really work as 1:1 lessons.

Classes for pupils from Year 2 up:  – we have space to start new classes in the following instruments: violin, cello, recorder, cornet, trombone/pbone and French horn/Mini horn.  We don’t hire guitars or keyboards, but we do have flutes, clarineos, pbones/trombones and French horns available to hire.  Please note that you need to bring your own keyboard to the lessons.

Singers (11:15) – Minimum age 8. They sing a variety of repertoire from traditional songs to songs from shows.  Basic singing technique is also covered. Pupils in Year 2 by audition/trial.

Recorder Ensemble for grade 3/4 up at 9:00

Latin Percussion Ensemble 11:45 no experience necessary!  Age 7 up. The first couple of sessions are generally treated as a trial.

If you’re interested in any of these, please Contact Us.

We also welcome pupils who have their instrumental lessons elsewhere but would like to join one of our ensembles, the singing groups or the orchestra, or come to study theory. The Junior String Ensemble is for players of just pre-grade 1 to grade 2/3 and there is a Senior String Ensemble for players of grade 4 – 8. We could use a bassoon player in the Orchestra! The Jazz group is always keen to hear from good players who’d like to improve their improvisation skills. Ensembles.

Parents are also welcome to join the orchestra, especially if they play ‘endangered species’ instruments such as bassoon and French horn!

Please note that we do not offer piano lessons.

QYMC is held on Saturday mornings at Little Ealing Primary School in South Ealing.

We’re keen to start some new initiatives so get in touch if any of these appeal:

  • songwriting class
  • Music Technology
  • Jazz Technique
  • advanced musicicianship