Welcome to the Questors Young Musicians Club website.  We are a Saturday music school based in Ealing, West London, providing high quality music lessons for children up to age 18.

September 2021

There will be lots of new classes starting in September so if you’re interested in a place for your child please contact us. For details on where there are spaces click here.

We are very excited to be starting classes for children aged 18 months – 3 yrs. These will involve parental participation! 10:00 – 10:30 on Saturday mornings.

We re-opened in person for the last half term of the Summer Term, and hope to continue lessons at Little Ealing in September.  We weren’t able to run our usual Open Day but our  Virtual Open Day video is great if you aren’t sure about the different instruments and classes.

Pupil of the Week – while we were online we started asking teachers to nominate a pupil of the week – it was so successful we intend to continue this. Find out who was nominated here

Summer Term 2021

We’re currently running online due to Covid. We’ve been doing this for a while now so our teachers are really good at it.  If you’ve been thinking of starting an instrument or joining one of our groups for younger children, please contact us. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way! Giving your child an additional focus is a great idea – particularly as the days are getting shorter and opportunities for outside activities are decreasing.  The Virtual Open Day video is great if you aren’t sure about the different instruments and classes.

Pupil of the Week – this term we’re asking teachers to nominate a pupil of the week – find out who has been nominated here!

Virtual Open Day

We would usually have a hands on Open Day at Little Ealing Primary School.  Unfortunately this year we aren’t able to do this so we have produced a video with some information about QYMC and introductions to each instrument from our lovely teachers.  Open Day Video  If you click show more below the video on YouTube you’ll find links to each instrument separately if there’s a particular instrument you’re keen on.

After watching the video please use the contact form to get in touch.

September 2020

At the moment it isn’t clear if we’ll be able to return to LEPS or whether we’ll need to continue remotely.  We will follow the government guidance and if it is possible to open safely at LEPS that would be our preference.


QYMC reopened remotely on May 2nd and the Summer Term ran very successfully online.  We are currently investigating the possibility of reopening in person in September if the guidance allows this.

We have over 100 classes every Saturday so our timetable is extremely complex!  If you’re interested in starting an instrument or joining one of our Introduction to Music classes for children in Reception, please contact us.

For more information on availability of places please click here.

Percussion Plus PP7820 20 Player Samba Set

Percussion places don’t come up often and as percussion is taught in 15 minute 1:1 lessons, places are only offered to pupils taking part in one of the Latin Percussion Ensembles.  They will be expected to continue playing in ensembles as long as they are taking percussion lessons.

We are excited to announce that we have started a Junior Latin Percussion Ensemble for pupils from Year 2 upwards.

The ensembles play music from Latin America using drums and handheld percussion. Previous drumming experience is not necessary, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to play some percussion!   No experience necessary, just enthusiasm!  All instruments provided.    If you’re interested please get in touch 

The QYMC Jazz Band performed at the Ealing Jazz Festival in July 2018 – pictures of the gig are on our Facebook page.

QYMC Jazz Band 2018.JPG


The QYMC 2018 Open Day is on 1th May from 10 – 12:30.  Come along to try out instruments and find out about how the Club works. Find out more here.

open day poster 2018

open day poster 2018

The annual Recital at St Mary’s Perivale was a great success – more here.

The Jazz Ensemble had a gig in the TW12 Jazz Festival in July – pictures available here.

TW12 Jazz Festival 2015

TW12 Jazz Festival 2015

Summer Concert

The QYMC Summer Concert was on 27th June and gave lots of our pupils a chance to perform. We were treated to fantastic performances from the ensembles and soloists – we have some really talented and dedicated pupils. More photos available here.

Summer Concert 2015

Summer Concert 2015

The QYMC Open Day 2015 was great! 

Lots of families visiting and trying out the instruments.  The bassoon and French horn were both very popular this year.  Looking forward to lots of new classes starting in September.  If you came to the Open Day and want to sign up for classes, use the contact form.

Cadogan Hall 2014