Classes for Children Under 6

Introduction to Music level 2 classes are all full for 2018 – 2019 but there are a few places for the Introduction to Music I and First Steps classes.

Introduction to Music

There are now three levels of introductory classes.  These classes are extremely popular – please check here for availability of places.

First Steps is for children in the academic year before Reception only (children who will turn 4 during that academic year). This class is mostly singing, but begins to develop rhythmic awareness through action songs and hand held percussion instruments. This class is at 9:30 on Saturday mornings and lasts for half an hour.



Introduction to Music Level I is for children in Reception. Again, the focus is on singing, and they will be introduced to the elements of music through action songs, percussion and music games. The emphasis is on enjoyment and participation. There are classes at 9:00 and 10:30 on Saturday mornings and they last for half an hour.



Level II is for children in Year 1 and includes the extremely popular “ITM Taster” element in which children have the opportunity to try three instruments suited to the younger beginner for a term each. the instruments are: violin, cello and recorder.  They also have a more general music class which builds on the ITM I class at a more advanced level.  The ITM II class also introduces them to simple aural skills which they will use in any further instrumental study, but in a fun and informal way. There are three classes on Saturday mornings, however as the children are learning the basics of violin, cello and recorder the “taster” classes are limited to 6 children each.  Classes last an hour (30 minutes of general musicianship/singing and 30 minutes of instrumental work).


Violins cellos and percussion for the “ITM Taster” lessons are supplied by the Club and hire is included in the class fee. Parents will need to supply recorders and we recommend the cheapest Yamaha or Aulos recorders – around £10 from all good music shops and suitable for all students up to advanced. Some slightly cheaper toy shop instruments can have bad tuning and the Yamaha or Aulos are worth the extra outlay.

Children do not have to have attended Level I in order to progress to Level II, however children moving up from Level I to Level II are given priority when classes are allocated. It is extremely unlikely there will be any ITM II places available for pupils not moving up from ITM I. Level II is for children in Year 1.